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Intratone Door Entry Systems

Intratone Door Entry Systems
Take control of your entry systems
Intratone Remote

Intratone Access Control

Intratone’s solution for access control is an ample, intelligent and cost effective method for almost all of your door entry needs.

Via means of a 4G / GPRS receiver, their entry points do not require hard wiring to a main door controller and can all be maintained by the free online management software.

Whether its radio, GSM, intercom or proximity badge requirements, Intratone has a time efficient & cost effective solution.

The Intratone Real-Time Management Suite

The online management area is free to use, and comes packed with parameters & features which competes with most market leaders of access control.

This allows the installer to take full control over their installations and configure settings where-ever they are in the world.

This is provided by means of an online service which can program your keyfobs, proxy tags, keypad codes & mobile entry numbers directly to the 4G/GSM unit supplied in every kit. On top of this impressive facility, the 4G/GSM device supplied comes complete with SIM and 10 years worth of data at no extra cost.

Intratone Brochures and Catalogues

At EasyGates Direct we distribute the entire range of Intratone products, have a look at the links below to view all of the access control solutions that Intratone provides. Can't find what you are looking for? No worries! Contact us by clicking here and we will be happy to help.

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Intratone GSM Radio Remote System Kit (06-0101-EN)

Intratone radio receiver kit that allows addition / modifying / blocking of remote controls at distance via the internet using GSM / GPRS te..

Intratone 06-0129-EN Intrabox GSM / GPRS Module Kit With Integrated 868MHz Radio Receiver

Click diagram to enlargeThe Intratone 06-0129-EN is an Intrabox RF radio receiver kit that comprises of 2 parts housed i..

Intratone 06-0130-EN Mini Keypad Kit (2pc)

Click diagram to enlarge The Intratone 06-0130-EN is a 2pc keypad kit complete with GSM / GPRS module, integrated 868 MHz rolling cod..

Intratone 06-0131-EN Proximity Reader Kit For One Door (3pc)

The Intratone 06-0131-EN proximity reader kit is a cost effective and easy to use proximity reader system. This particular kit is ..

Intratone 06-0143-EN Proximity Reader Kit For Two Doors (4pc)

The Intratone 06-0143-EN proximity reader kit is a cost effective and easy to use proximity reader system. This particular kit is ..

Intratone 06-0180 Hands-free Proximity Reader Kit For 1 Door (3pc)

The Intratone 06-0180 proximity reader kit is a cost effective and easy to use proximity reader system. This particular kit is sui..

Intratone 12-0115-EN USB Port Programmer For Tags and Remotes

The Intratone 12-0115-EN is a USB port programmer, this handy little accessory is designed to programme all Intratone proximity tags / remot..

Intratone 07-0106-EN RF Radio Receiver ECO With Internal Aerial (EEN-REC4)

The Intratone 07-0106-EN RF receiver module facilitates not only a cost effective means for radio access control, but also offers security w..

Intratone 04-0107-EN Additional Mini Coded Keypad

The Intratone 04-0107-EN coded keypad has 12 backlit keys and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This keypad can also be surface mounte..

Intratone 06-0208 Interactive Digital Notice Board Kit (with 15 years data included)

The Intratone 06-0208 is an easy to use interactive digital noticeboard kit. This revolutionary system allows for no more paper no..

Intratone 09-0101 RF Eco 2 Channel Remote Control Black

Intratone 2 channel remote control. Equipped with Intratone RF 868 MHz technology. Complete with engraved stainless steel insert.Intratone r..

Intratone 11-0107 Interactive Digital Notice Board Only (Indoor Version - Surface Mounted)

The Intratone 11-0107 is an easy to use interactive digital noticeboard, this revolutionary system allows for no more paper n..

Intratone 12-0110-EN Relay Card For 1 Door Central Unit

The Intratone 12-0110-EN is a relay card designed for use with the Intratone 03-0102-EN 1 door central unit. FeaturesCan open up t..

Intratone 12-0132 Surface-mounted Box For Proximity Reader

Intratone surface-mounted stainless steel box for panel mount proximity reader 04-0106.FeaturesProtection Rating: IP66Dimensions: 125mm x 12..

Intratone Central Unit for 1 Door (03-0102)

An Intratone one door controller with up to 100 names, that can be remotely accessed and managed via ( Advantages A..