Wide selection of racking for use with sliding gate openers, including steel and nylon racks.

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Steel M4 Rack for Sliding Gate Motors - 1M Length

1 Meter of M4 Steel Rack  30x12x1000mm Complete with 3 weld on fixing lugs. ..

Steel M4 Rack for Sliding Gate Motors - 2M Length

2 Meters of M4 Steel Rack  30x12x2000mm Complete with weld on fixing lugs. ..

ACRN6 Nylon M4 Sliding Gate Rack - 1m (V6-1200)

Nylon M4 sliding gate rack. Combines lightweight nylon with the strength and durability of steel core, allowing movement of gates ..

M4 4M PVC Gate Rack with Fixings

Rack made from PVC for use with sliding gate motors to enable the gate or door to be automated. Complete with fixings.4 Meter box (30x8x..

Nice ROA 6 Sliding Gate Rack (1m)

M4 25x20x1000 mm Slotted nylon rack with metal insert for gates weighing up to 500 kg. ..

Nice ROA 7 Sliding Gate Rack (1m)

Nice ROA7 M4 Sliding Gate Rack.Zinc Coated22x22x1000mm ..

Nice ROA 8 Sliding Gate Rack (1m)

Nice ROA8 Sliding Gate Rack. Zinc Coated with Spacers and ScrewsM4 30x8x1000mm ..

Nice ROA 81 Sliding Gate Rack (1m)

Nice ROA 81 Zinc Coated Sliding Gate RackM6 30x30x1000mm  ..