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Cantilever Kits

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Hi-Motions KIT301.5M-6MTR - Small Cantilever Gate Kit (350KG / 6M Max)

A cantilever kit, consisting of many smaller sized parts such as wheels and mounting rails to help assist/aid a smaller sized gate or heavy ..

Hi-Motions KIT301.8L-9MTR – Medium Cantilever Kit (700KG / 15M Max)

A medium cantilever kit consisting of many medium-sized parts such as wheels to help assist/aid a decently sized gate or heavy door in openi..

Hi-Motions KIT301.8XL-9MTR – Large Cantilever Kit (1200KG / 18M Max)

A large cantilever kit consisting of many of the largest sized parts to help assist/aid a large and heavy gate or door in opening.Max Openin..