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Replacement Control Boards

Replacement Control Boards

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BFT Rigel 6 Universal Control Unit For One Or Two Motors (220-230V 50/60HZ)

The RIGEL 6 is a BFT universal control panel with a display for one or two 230V - 650+650W operators, complete with backwards compatibility ..

BFT Thalia P Control Panel (24v)

The BFT Thalia P is a 24v control panel, suited for use with either one or two 24v swing gate motors (electro-mechanical or hy..

CAME ZA3P Control Board + Enclosure

Replacement CAME ZA3P multifunction control board and enclosure, for use with two leaf swing gates. Features Pre-flashing during openin..

Came ZL22 Control Board

Replacement CAME ZL22 24 Vdc control board. This model is for use with 1 barrier, although can control up to 4 barriers with 3 extra LM..

Came ZL92 Control Board (24v)

Came ZL92 replacement control board for two leaf swing gates. This control panel is for use with a 24 Vdc gear motor. Features:Re-..

CAME ZLJ14 Control Board

CAME ZLJ14 replacement control board. For use with 24 Vdc gear motors and one leaf swing gates. Features:Re-opening during closing..

CAME ZLJ24 Control Board

CAME ZLJ24 Replacement Control Board. For use with 24 Vdc gear motors and two leaf swing gates. Product Features: Re-opening during clo..

CAME ZLX24SA 24v Control Board

The CAME ZLX24SA is a universal control board that manages the entire range of CAME 24V motors for swing gates.Key FeaturesConnect technolog..

Came ZM3E Control Board

Replacement CAME ZM3E multifunction control board. This product is suitable for two leaf swing gates and includes signalling and self d..

CAME ZM3EP Control Panel

Replacement Came ZM3EP multifunction control board. This model is for two leaf swing gate openers, and includes a display for programming of..

CAME ZT6 Control Board (230-400 V AC)

CAME ZT6 replacement 3 phase Control Board (230-400 V AC). This product includes self diagnosis of safety devices. Product Feature..

CAME ZT6C Control Board (230-400 V AC)

Replacement CAME ZT6C 3 phase Control Board (230-400 V AC). This model features additional safety block and buttons from the ZT6, and a..

DEA 224RR Control Board

Please call us for prices. Replacement DEA 224RR digital control board 24v AC for 1 or 2 operators (swing gates).FOR OPERATOR..

FAAC 455D Control Board

Replacement FAAC 455D 230v LED control board. This product can control either one or two operators.      ..

FAAC 578D Control Board (230v)

Replacement FAAC 578D 230v control board. This product is able to command operations for sliding gates. ..