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BFT Control Boards

BFT Control Boards

BFT replacement control boards, including the BFT Leo, Rigel and Thalia ranges.

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BFT Rigel 6 Universal Control Unit For One Or Two Motors (220-230V 50/60HZ)

The RIGEL 6 is a BFT universal control panel with a display for one or two 230V - 650+650W operators, complete with backwards compatibility ..

BFT Thalia P Control Panel (24v)

The BFT Thalia P is a 24v control panel, suited for use with either one or two 24v swing gate motors (electro-mechanical or hy..

BFT Leo MV D Control Panel (230v)

The LEO MV D is a BFT 230v control panel, with full support for the EELINK protocol. Features: 230v control panel Completely ..

BFT Rigel 5 Control Board (230v)

This control panel can be replaced by the Rigel 6. The Rigel 5 is a BFT control panel for one or two 230v motors (max 375w) with indepe..