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Release Keys
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BFT CLS82 Manual Release Key

Manual release key for 230v SUB operators in CPS Boxes.>Please consult your manual for the correct release key model. ..

BFT ZZELI04 Triangular Manual Release Key (D571725)

The BFT ZZELI04 is a triangular manual release key for ELI and SUB BT gate motors. Fits the ZZELI28/SCC manual release mechanism as use..

BFT ZZSUB59 Cone Style Manual Release Key (D221144)

The BFT ZZSUB59 is a new style release key from BFT. This key is made from plastic, and is suitable for the new style CPS Box as w..

CAME 119RIY077S Plastic Triangular Manual Release Key

The CAME 119RIY077S is a manual release key for various CAME automation motors, such as; Ati Krono Axo Amico Frog Fast All CAME Sliding Moto..

Nice MEA5 Manual Release Key Lever

Nice MEA5 release key bound for use with the MEA3 manual release system for Nice motors. ..