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Prastel EASY-DT Standalone Vandal Resistant Keypad With Integrated Proximity Antenna

Features:  Vandal resistant with resinated electronics, ideal for outdoor use thanks to a waterproof IP66 protection rating  Sta..

Prastel EASYBKA Standalone Anti-Vandal Keypad

Features:This keypad comes with a cable attached at a length of 2m.IP65 rated access control system digital keypad 12/24V AC/DC..

Prastel EASYBKR Standalone Anti-Vandal Keypad - Terminal Block Version

Features:Terminal Block Version of the EASYBKA - Ideal when running your own cable.IP65 rated access control system digital keypa..

Prastel EASYBKW (Wiegand) Keypad

Features:IP65 rated access control system digital keypad Wiegand 26/30/37 bit or data & clock output modes Blue backlit Ant..

PXBKB Keypad

This keypad has been discontinued and directly replaced by the Prastel EASY-DT keypad. Click here for more information.Technical Specificati..

ANSA DK-14 Radio Controlled Digital Switch

The DK-14 is an ANSA radio controlled digital switch for use outdoors and indoors. Complete with backlit metal operating buttons. ..

Car Height Keypad Posts

Car Height Keypad Posts, made to Bolt Down or Concrete in.Call us for more sizes or make and model of keypad. Dimensions ..


Features:1000 User Cost Effective Non-Volatile Memory Fully Programmable Externally Rated Dual Relay Outputs EM125Khz..

LiftMaster 379E Fingerprint Scanner

Wireless fingerprint scanner​.Features:Opens Liftmaster gates or garage door systems with fingerprint. Completely wireless. F..

LiftMaster 747e

Compatible with 4xxxE 433.92 MHz Remotes, including: 4335E, 4335EML, 4330E, 4330EML, 4333E, 4333EML, G4333E, G4333Features:Perso..

LiftMaster 787e

Compatible with discontinued 418 MHz Remotes, including: 4185E, 4180E, 4183E, 4185EML, 4180EM ..

Liftmaster 9747E Wireless Keypad

Features:Frequency 433.92MHz rolling code Back-lit keyboard for easy use in the dark (Old frequency versions available.)..

MHouse DS100 Wireless Keypad

This wireless keypad has had a change of model number. It was previously the DS1 but is now known as the DS100. Nothing else has changed.&nb..

Nice Era EDS Keypad

The Nice Era EDS Keypad is made of strong metal with 27 millimetres depth and has an IP rating of 44. This product requires a Morx Deco..

Nice Era EDSB Wired BlueBUS Keypad

Nice Era EDSB keypad with 12 key digital selector, strong metal body and Nice BlueBUS technology. Compatible with Nice MOU and O-Box fo..