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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers
LiftMaster Evolution
Garage Door Openers

Radio Technology

Evolution garage door openers are equipped with the best radio performance ever, providing bi-directional radio, which both sends and receives radio signals, forming the basis of LiftMasters revolutionary myQ access control system. In addition, the receiver can handle both 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequency transmitters.


The speed of LiftMaster's Evolution operators have been accelerated to a maximum of 200mm/sec for the LM80 and LM100.

Smooth & Silent

The Evolution's smooth and quiet operation is second to none.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency matters. The Evolution line helps to protect the environment, featuring significantly lower CO2 emissions, long lasting LEDS and a production process free of heavy metals and mercury. In addition, the Evolution's lower 0.8w Standby power consumption represents an 85% cost saving over previous LiftMaster openers.

Easy to Install

LiftMaster's Evolution garage door openers cut installation time by up to 50%

myQ Technology

LiftMaster's revolutionary new MyQ technology allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world, via mobile phone, tablet or PC.
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LiftMaster LM60EV Garage Door Opener - myQ Compatible

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LiftMaster LM70EVFFC myQ Enabled Smart Garage Door Opener Kit (110KG)

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Liftmaster 1703E “Chamberlain Arm” Canopy Garage Door Adaptor

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Chamberlain LiftMaster 5580KTX Garage Door Opener

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LiftMaster 128EV Wireless Wall Control 2-Channel

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LiftMaster 75EV Illuminated Wired Push Button

LiftMaster branded wired push button for use with LiftMaster garage door openers. Allows you to operate a garage door opener without using a..

LiftMaster 770E Protector System

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LiftMaster 78EV Multi-Function Wired Wall Control

The LiftMaster 78EV is a four-in-one wired multi-function wall control: Without a remote control or a key, you can open and close your garag..

LiftMaster 828EV myQ Internet Gateway

The LiftMaster 828EV is a revolutionary new accessory with built-in myQ technology for remote monitoring / control of your LiftMaster automa..

LiftMaster LM100EVF Garage Door Opener With FREE 8323CR5 3 piece Rail - myQ Compatible

This product is a garage door opener of the 'Evolution' series from Chamberlain LiftMaster, the LM100EVF is a maintenance free, ultra-qui..

LiftMaster LM750EVGB Garage Door Opener Kit - myQ Compatible (120KG)

The LiftMaster LM750EVGB is the best solution for your rolling doors, fast, silent & powerful DC motor with soft start and soft stop. Se..

Chamberlain LiftMaster LM650EVGB Garage Door Opener

Discontinued, replaced by the LiftMaster LM750EVGB model. For more information, click here.The fast and silent Chamberlain LiftMaster LM650E..

LiftMaster 747EV Wireless Keypad

  Please note: This product is not compatible with the LiftMaster 747E keypadFeatures:Personalized Password - ..

LiftMaster 829EV myQ Garage Door Monitor

The Liftmaster 829EV garage door monitor includes myQ enabled technology that allows monitoring and closing of up to four gar..