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LiftMaster LM100EVF Garage Door Opener With FREE 8323CR5 3 piece Rail - myQ Compatible

This product is a garage door opener of the 'Evolution' series from Chamberlain LiftMaster, the LM100EVF is a maintenance free, ultra-quiet and fast garage door opener including a built-in multi-frequency radio receiver and state of the art powerful LED light system. This garage door opener also boasts the new and innovative 'myQ' technology allowing you to open your garage door from your computer or mobile phone!

The Evolution Series - Where design meets technology.

The Evolution line of garage door openers is a state-of-the-art and winner of a consumer design study where by 10 design concepts were presented to ~1,000 consumers in 5 different European countries. With great innovation and the implimentation of brand new technologies such as the myQ the Evolution series is the combination of new logic with energy efficiency. Energy efficiency matters, not only does it help the enviroment out by using less power, but it means you can save money on each activation too! The products within the Evolution series are also equipped with bi-directional radio receivers allowing them to both send and receive information, the radio transmitters can also handle operating on both the 433MHz and the 868MHz frequencies proving to be the best radio performance ever.

*use of myQ features requires the LiftMaster 828EV myQ Internet Gateway accessory and photocells

Features & Technical Information:

  • Drive:
    • Type: 24 Vdc gearmotor & permanent lubrication.
    • Drive Mechanism: Drive belt with two-piece trolley on steel rail.
    • Max Travel Speed: 200mm per second.
  • Lighting:
    • Powerful LED lighting.
    • LED lights turn on automatically upon drive activation.
    • LED lights turn off 2.5 minutes (150 Seconds) after closing.
  • Safety:
    • Automatic Stopping: By pressing a button during forward or backward running or via obstacle detection.
    • Automated force settings.
    • Overflow Protection: Transformer overload protection and low voltage wiring for accessories.
    • Limit Switch Setting: Electronic, semi/fully automatic optical detection of speed and door position.
  • Other Features:
    • Soft-start and soft-stop.
    • Automatic Closing: With additional safety device (Example: 771EV).
    • TÜV Certified: Tested to meet EN12453. For doors up to 150kg.
    • MyQ Technology: Supports the new, innovative myQ technology allowing remote control of via Phone or Laptop. 
  • Warranty:
    • Motor Warranty: 8 Years
    • Control Board Warranty: 5 Years
    • Accessories Warranty: 2 Years

MyQ - What is it and how does it work:

MyQ is an innovative patented technology that allows two-way communication meaning that you as a user can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere in the world via the internet, this could be by using a mobile phone, tablet or Laptop/PC! Your internet-enabled device will communicate with your LiftMaster Internet Gateway™ which will pass information between your device and your garage door opener, be it commands to open and close or status/monitoring queries.

*use of myQ features requires the LiftMaster 828EV myQ Internet Gateway accessory and photocells

Hanging Weight (kg)12
Headroom Required (mm)35
Rail Length3000 mm
Drive MechanismDrive belt with two-piece trolley on steel rail
Drive Type24 V DC gearmotor permanent lubrication
Max Door Area (m^2)18.6875
Max Door Height (m)4* (*3.25m as standard, support up to 4.0m requires extended rail / belt. We can supply these on request, please contact us for more information)
Max Door Weight (kg)150
Max Door Width (m)5.75 m
Max Pull Force (N)1000
Max Travel Rate (mm per second)200
Electrical Data
Stand-by Power0.8 W
Voltage Supply230-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Memory180 registers
Performance Data
Working Temp. (°C Min/Max)-30°C to +55°C
Frequency (MHz)433 MHz / 868 MHz
Noise Level (dB)54

LiftMaster LM100EVF Garage Door Opener With FREE 8323CR5 3 piece Rail - myQ Compatible

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