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Remote Controls

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Over 30 remote control brands to choose from, with a range of frequencies, coding and button options.
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CAME TOP 432EE Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts!Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S, TOP432EV)Features:433.92MHz Frequency Two B..

CL4000 4 Button Cloning Remote

Features4 channel remote Can copy any 433Mhz fixed code remote with DIP switches or fixed code remotes such as : Came TOP432S ..

FAAC XT2 2 Button Remote Control (787009)

Great Quantity Discounts & Etched Remotes Available! We have many other products we can brand for you, from Stainless Steel CE mark..

UT2/UR2-433EG | 1x Receiver 4x Remote Pack Special

A kit containing 1x UR2-433EG 433MHz Receiver and 4 x UT2-433EG 433MHz Rolling Code Remotes.Please note the receiver is DC Voltage only...

Chamberlain 84330E 1 Button Remote Control - Visor Clip (433.92 MHz)

The Chamberlain 84330E is a Chamberlain 1 button remote control operating on the 433.92MHz frequency. This transmitter works identicall..

Nice One ON1 Remote Control

Nice One ON1 1 Button 433.92MHz Remote Control Features:433.92 MHz, Rolling Code using AM amplitude modulation. Built..

LiftMaster TX2EV Remote Control - Evolution Series (868 MHz)

Liftmaster TX2EV 2 channel remote control for Evolution gate operators with 868 Mhz. Extremely robust, interference free radio system.Please..

Gibidi Domino 4 Button Remote Control

Quantity Discounts Available.Features and Technical Information: Compatible with all Gibidi 433Mhz rolling code systems Includes Batteries a..

1Control Solo Bluetooth Gate Control

The 1Control Solo replaces existing remote controls, and allows the user to control their gate or garage door from their smartphone using ..

LiftMaster TX4UNIF Universal 433MHz Remote Control

The LiftMaster TX4UNIF is an evolution series 433 MHz universal 4 button remote control.Stylish, car-key inspired design with a white L..

CAME TOP44FGN Remote Control (806TS-0310)

The CAME TOP44FGN / 806TS-0310 is a feature-rich four-channel remote control, operating with new fixed code encoding on the 433.92 MHz frequ..

CAME TOP44RBN Remote Control (806TS-0270)

The CAME TOP44RBN / 806TS-0270 is a feature-rich four-channel remote control, operating with new rolling code encoding on the 433.92 MHz fre..

CAME TWIN 2 Remote Control

The CAME TWIN 2 / TW2EE is a 2 button remote control often used in multi-user and apartment-block settings.This transmitter operates on the ..

CAME TWIN 4 Remote Control

Please contact us for pricing. Contact UsThe CAME TWIN 4 / TW4EE is a 4 button remote control often used in multi-user and apartment-bl..

CAME TOPD2RGS 2 Channel Remote Control (806TS-0110) New

CAME TOPD2RGS 2 Channel Remote Control (806TS-0110)

The CAME TOPD2RGS is a 2 channel/button remote control transmitter in a grey finish, this product includes dual-frequency 433.92 MHz &a..