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Over 30 remote control brands to choose from, with a range of frequencies, coding and button options.
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BFT Mitto B RCB 4 Button Remote Control

The MITTO B RCB 4 Button rolling code transmitter by BFT that operates at the 433MHz frequency.Features:New "language" Design: Desig..

CAME TOP 432 NA Remote Control

Replaced by TOP432EE - Or use Low Cost CL4000 Orginal Item Features:Frequency: 433.92 MHz Range: 50 - 150 m Batteries: Lithiu..

CAME TOP 434EE 433.92 MHz 4 Channel Keyfob

The CAME TOP 434EE is a 433.92 Mhz radio remote control, this keyfob is a high-quality control solution that can be used with most of t..

Came TOP-432M Remote Control

Note: This remote can be replaced by the Came TOP-432EV or the Came TOP-432NA remote controls. Feel free to contact us for more information...

DEA GT2 2 Button 433.92 MHz Remote Control

FeaturesReplaces DEA Mio TR22 channel remote controlRolling code codingRange: 50 - 150m433.92 MHz Frequency..

DEA GT2M 2 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Features:Replaces DEA Mio TD2 & TD42 Buttons / ChannelsFixed Code ProgrammingRange: 250 - 300 meters with outdoor aerial433.92 MHz ..

Ditec BISLS2 Remote Control

Note: This remote is now replaced by the Ditec GOL4/GOL4C, both remotes are compatible with each other. Please feel free to contact us for m..

Ditec BIXLG4 Remote Control

This 4 button, 4 channel remote from Ditec sporting black and blue colours is a great remote to fulfil your gate/garage door opening needs. ..

Ditec GOL4 Remote Control

Frequency: 433.92 MHz Battery: CR2032 Dimensions: 62 x 12 x 43 mm..

Ditec GOL4C Remote Control

Discontinued and replaced by the Ditec ZEN4C model (coming to the web store soon!). In the mean time, the ZEN4C model is available to o..

Ellard ATHENA Remote Control

The Ellard ATHENA is 4 button remote control operating on 433.92 MHz rolling code, as used with the standalone Athena receiver upgrade ..

Erone Mini Series SETR2641AM2 2 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

The SETR2641AM2 is an Erone remote control transmitter. Used with a receiver and coded in can be used to open barriers, doors, gates, t..

Erone Series 2 S2TR2641E2 (2 channel) Remote Control (TX26-E2)

The S2TR2641E2 is an Erone series 2 wireless remote control transmitter. Useful for unlocking doors with electric locks, opening gates ..