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Over 30 remote control brands to choose from, with a range of frequencies, coding and button options.
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BFT Mitto B RCB 4 Button Remote Control

The MITTO B RCB 4 Button rolling code transmitter by BFT that operates at the 433MHz frequency.Features:New "language" Design: Desig..

CAME TOP 432 NA Remote Control

Replaced by TOP432EE - Or use Low Cost CL4000 Orginal Item Features:Frequency: 433.92 MHz Range: 50 - 150 m Batteries: Lithiu..

CAME TOP 434EE 433.92 MHz 4 Channel Keyfob

The CAME TOP 434EE is a 433.92 Mhz radio remote control, this keyfob is a high-quality control solution that can be used with most of t..

Came TOP-432M Remote Control

Note: This remote can be replaced by either the CAME TOP-432S, Came TOP-432EV or the Came TOP-432NA remote controls. Feel free to conta..

DEA GT2 2 Button 433.92 MHz Remote Control

FeaturesReplaces DEA Mio TR22 channel remote controlRolling code codingRange: 50 - 150m433.92 MHz Frequency..

DEA GT2M 2 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Features:Replaces DEA Mio TD2 & TD42 Buttons / ChannelsFixed Code ProgrammingRange: 250 - 300 meters with outdoor aerial433.92 MHz ..

Ditec BISLS2 Remote Control

Note: This remote is now replaced by the Ditec GOL4/GOL4C, both remotes are compatible with each other. Please feel free to contact us for m..

Ditec BIXLG4 Remote Control

This 4 button, 4 channel remote from Ditec sporting black and blue colours is a great remote to fulfil your gate/garage door opening needs. ..

Ditec Entrematic ZEN4C Remote Control

Ditec Entrematic ZEN4C 4 button remote operating on 433.92 MHz fixed code, replaces the GOL4C model with red LED light. - they are compatibl..

Ditec GOL4 Remote Control

Frequency: 433.92 MHz Battery: CR2032 Dimensions: 62 x 12 x 43 mm..

Ditec GOL4C Remote Control

Discontinued and replaced by the Ditec ZEN4C model, click here for more information. 433.92 MHz Copies BISLS2 / BIXLS2 Remotes..

Ellard ATHENA Remote Control

The Ellard ATHENA is 4 button remote control operating on 433.92 MHz rolling code, as used with the standalone Athena receiver upgrade ..

Erone Mini Series SETR2641AM2 2 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

The SETR2641AM2 is an Erone remote control transmitter. Used with a receiver and coded in can be used to open barriers, doors, gates, t..