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CAME Remote Controls

CAME Remote Controls

Remote controls supplied by CAME and sold by EasyGates Direct.

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Came TOP-432EE Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts!Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S, TOP432EV)Features:433.92MHz Frequency Two B..

Came TOPD2RKS Remote Control

The CAME TOPD2RKS is a 2 channel/button remote control transmitter, this product includes dual-frequency 433.92 MHz & 868.35 MHZ an..

CAME TOP 434EE 433.92 MHz 4 Channel Keyfob

The CAME TOP 434EE is a 433.92 Mhz radio remote control, this keyfob is a high-quality control solution that can be used with most of t..

CAME TOP 432 NA Remote Control

Replaced by TOP432EE - Or use Low Cost CL4000 Orginal Item Features:Frequency: 433.92 MHz Range: 50 - 150 m Batteries: Lithiu..

Came TOP-432M Remote Control

Note: This remote can be replaced by either the CAME TOP-432S, Came TOP-432EV or the Came TOP-432NA remote controls. Feel free to conta..

CAME TOP 432 S Remote Control

Can also Use Model TOP432EE or Cloner CL4000.Dip switch programming. Measurements: 63mm x 30mm x 14mm Power: 1 x LR23A 12..

Came TOP-432EV Remote Control

Now Replaced by TOP433EE Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S)Features:433.92MHz Frequency Two Button..