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Gate Safety Guide

Here at EasyGates Direct we understand the importance and responsibility we all have in the industry to ensure we meet the requirements of contracting, installing and maintaining safe and proper gate installations.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, safety and technical service to a wide range of customers. If you have any questions or queries please contact us on 0845 054 5070 or email

All Manufacturers and installers of automatic gate systems should take all necessary steps to meet compliance with the Machinery Directive to ensure their completed products are safe.

The HSE will be primarily responsible for any investigations carried out on gates where incidents have occurred and can prosecute installers or manufacturers accordingly. To aid manufacturers & installers in meeting the requirements for directive compliance, a harmonised product standard for gates was produced in 2003. The standard BS-EN13241-1:2003 provides an umbrella platform for creating a compliant gate product.

For a full comprehensive guide to safety legislation and standards please visit 

In 2016, the Door & Hardware Federation released the DHF TS 011:2016 Code of Practice (click to download). Several key elements of this code of practice have been designed to demystify complex standards and make things clearer for installers and maintainers of gates and barriers to understand.