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Guide to Gate Safety Documentation

Required Documentation

In addition to the following guidance for product standards, the machinery directive requires several key documents to be created in a technical file. Parts of this technical file can then be handed over with the finished gate product. In addition the final product must also be CE marked and display a label or stamp from its manufacturer. The required documents include the following:

  • Risk Assessment (This document is essential)
  • Declaration of conformity (Handed over with gate)*
  • Manufacturer's Indelibly marked CE plate (Applied to gate)*
  • Force testing results
  • Declarations of incorporation (conformity) from drive unit & safety device manufacturers
  • Guide for safe use of gate (operational instructions) (Handed over with gate)*
  • Details of the location of any emergency release devices
  • Installation / Maintenance log (Handed over with gate)*

Documentation Explained

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the product standards each manufacturer or installer should also create a technical file for the finished gate. This technical file should contain the following described documents and be kept by the manufacturer or installer for a minimum period of 10 years.

Risk Assessment - Key Requirements

Declaration of Conformity - Key Requirements

  • Should contain company name and address details of issuer of certificate
  • Location of installed product and model & (optional) serial number
  • Compliance statement to machinery directive (MD2006/42/EC)
  • List of compliance to standards if used (i.e. BS-EN13241-1)
  • What is a declaration of conformity?

Manufacturer's CE Marked Stamp - Key Requirements

Installation / Maintenance Log Book - Key Requirements

  • Should contain company name and address details of location of installed product
  • Product model & (optional) serial number
  • Installation details including settings of control board or any relevant settings effecting operation of gate
  • Service log area for maintenance/repair of gate
  • Signature of responsible person
In 2016, the Door & Hardware Federation released the DHF TS 011:2016 Code of Practice (click to download). Several key elements of this code of practice have been designed to demystify complex standards and make things clearer for installers and maintainers of gates and barriers to understand.