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C.K 595003 Electricians Premium Tool Kit (19pc Kit)

Details - The 595003 is a C.K 19pc electricians premium tool kit, complete with combicutter 3 side cutter..

C.K T0835 Pack Of 10 Junior Hacksaw Blades

Details - The T0835 is a pack of 10 C.K junior hacksaw blades. Top quality blades, for general purpose and met..

C.K T0934R 1232 Set of 3 HSS Bi-metal Hacksaw Blades (12" - 32TPI)

Details - The T0934R 1232 is a set of 3 C.K HSS bi-metal hacksaw blades (12" - 32TPI). Shatterproof HSS B..

C.K T0959-10 Spare Blades - Pack of 10

Details - Pack of 10 (T0959-10) C.K heavy duty replacement blades, supplied in a spring loaded blade dispenser for ..

C.K T2255 Armour Slice Spare Blades (Pack of 5)

Details - The T2255 is a pack of 5 C.K armour slice spare blades, for  use with the "T2250 Armour Sl..

C.K T4404A Hexagonal 7pc Metric Key Set

Details - The T4404A is a hexagonal 7pc C.K metric key set, complete with steel clip holder. Ma..

C.K T4915 VDE (1000V) Interchangeable Bladed Screwdriver Set (8pc)

Details - The T4915 is a C.K VDE (1000v) interchangeable bladed screwdriver set (8pc), complete with ..

C.K T49193 VDE Screwdriver SLP/PZD (Set of 8)

Details - The T49193 is a C.K VDE screwdriver SLP/PZD (set of 8), complete with tip type marking and storage case. VDE certif..

C.K T49283 VDE Slim Screwdriver PZ/SL (Set of 5)

Details - The T49283 is a C.K VDE slim screwdriver PZ/SL (set of 5), complete with slim shafted insu..

C.K T5410 Mighty Rod 10m Cable Rod Set

Details - The T5410 is a C.K 10m mighty rod cable rod set, complete with slimline connectors. ‘..

C.K T5411 Mighty Rod Tool Box Cable Rod Set 3.3m

Details - The T5411 is a C.K 3.3m mighty rod tool box cable rod set, complete with zinc plated steel..

C.K T5421 Mighty Rod PRO Cable Rod Standard Set 10m

Details - The T5421 is a C.K 10m mighty rod pro cable rod standard set, complete with zinc plated steel connec..

CK Avit Masonry SDS Drill Bit Set 5pc

Impact resistant Tungsten carbide tips. 5 Piece set containing: 5 & 6 x 110mm, 7,8 & 10 x 160mm...

CK Triton XLS Insulated Screwdriver Set SL/PZ

Conforms to EN60900:2004 tested to 10,000v. Safe for live working up to 1000vContains: Slotted parallel 2.5x75mm, 4x100mm, 5.5x125mm, PZ1x80..

C.K 430001 PVC Conduit Pipe Cutter (195mm)

Details - The 430001 is a 195mm C.K PVC conduit pipe cutter, complete with razor sharp stainless steel bl..