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Miscellaneous Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

A range of miscellaneous tools including complete tool kits, screwdriver and cable rod sets, wire strippers and more!

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C.K 595003 Electricians Premium Tool Kit (19pc Kit)

Details - The 595003 is a C.K 19pc electricians premium tool kit, complete with combicutter 3 side cutter..

C.K T2255 Armour Slice Spare Blades (Pack of 5)

Details - The T2255 is a pack of 5 C.K armour slice spare blades, for  use with the "T2250 Armour Sl..

C.K T4404A Hexagonal 7pc Metric Key Set

Details - The T4404A is a hexagonal 7pc C.K metric key set, complete with steel clip holder. Ma..

C.K T4915 VDE (1000V) Interchangeable Bladed Screwdriver Set (8pc)

Details - The T4915 is a C.K VDE (1000v) interchangeable bladed screwdriver set (8pc), complete with ..

C.K T5410 Mighty Rod 10m Cable Rod Set

Details - The T5410 is a C.K 10m mighty rod cable rod set, complete with slimline connectors. ‘..

C.K T5411 Mighty Rod Tool Box Cable Rod Set 3.3m

Details - The T5411 is a C.K 3.3m mighty rod tool box cable rod set, complete with zinc plated steel..

C.K T5421 Mighty Rod PRO Cable Rod Standard Set 10m

Details - The T5421 is a C.K 10m mighty rod pro cable rod standard set, complete with zinc plated steel connec..

C.K 440013 Mainstester Heavy Duty 100-500V AC Screwdriver

Details - The 440013 is a C.K mainstester heavy duty 100-500V AC screwdriver, complete with long pattern blade.&nbs..

C.K 495001 Automatic Wire Stripper

Details - The 495001 is a C.K automatic wire stripper, complete with hardened steel blades. Strips w..

C.K 495002 Universal Switch Key Wrench

Details - The 495002 is a C.K universal switch key wrench, complete with 6mm bit driver adapter. Mul..

C.K 495028 Re-Threading Tool (M3.5 x 0.6mm)

Details - The 495028 is a C.K re-threading tool (M3.5 x 0.6mm), complete with precision ground threads.&n..

C.K 495033 Punch Down Tool (180mm / 7")

Details - The 495033 is a 180mm (7") C.K punch down tool, complete with wire extractor hook and spud..

C.K T2250 Armour Slice SWA Cable Stripper (12 - 36mmØ)

Details - The T2250 is a C.K armour slice SWA cable stripper, complete with integrated spare blade holder..

C.K T2272A Non Contact Voltage Detector Stick (Visual & Audible)

Details - The T2272A is a C.K non contact voltage detector stick (visual & audible), complete with handy p..

C.K 595006 Electrician's Tool Kit

A fantastic tool kit featuring a case with durable polyester construction. Bright red inner lining for easy visibility of stored items. 50 p..