Radio Recievers and Antennas

Radio Recievers and Antennas
‘Are you receiving me?’
From advanced radio access control to standalone receivers, our range of aerials and receivers is wide and varied.
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Intratone GSM Remote Kit Special Offer ( inc 50 Remote Controls)

Manage remote controls and 'Dial to Open Access' over the Internet. Simple interface allows remote programming, with add, delete, block and ..

CL4000 4 Button Cloning Remote

Features4 channel remote Can copy any 433Mhz fixed code remote with DIP switches or fixed code remotes such as : Came TOP432S ..

UT2/UR2-433EG | 1x Receiver 4x Remote Pack Special

A kit containing 1x UR2-433EG 433MHz Receiver and 4 x UT2-433EG 433MHz Rolling Code Remotes.Please note the reciever is DC Voltage only...

Intratone 06-0131-EN Proximity Reader Kit (3pc)

Details - The 06-0131-EN is an Intratone proximity reader kit (3pc), complete with 10 years FREE data. With th..

Intratone 07-0106-EN (EEN-REC4) 868MHz RF Receiver + Internal Aerial

The 07-0106-EN is an Intratone RF receiver (868 MHz), complete with internal aerial.Features Include -Real-Time OR Read / Write ManagementTw..

Prastel TC2E 2 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Prastel Secure Rolling-Code 433.92 MHz Aluminium Radio Transmitters. This desirable & robust design is available in 2 or 4 channels..

Prastel TC4E 4 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Features: Prastel Secure Rolling-Code 433.92 MHz Aluminium Radio TransmittersThis desirable & robust design is available in 2 or 4 ..

Prastel TC4S 4 Button Remote Control (868.35 MHz)

The TC4S is a Prastel 4 button remote control operating on 868.35 MHz rolling code, intended for use as a radio transmitter in garage door s..

Prastel MPSTP2E-XP Remote Control

Prastel secure rolling code 433.92MHz radio transmitter 2 channels..

Intratone 06-0129-EN GSM / GPRS Module + Integrated 868MHz RF Receiver Module

Details -  The 06-0129-EN is an Intratone GSM / GPRS module, complete with integrated 868MHz rolling code RF receiver module & 1..

Intratone 12-0110-EN Relay Card For 1 Door Central Unit

The 12-0110-EN is an Intratone relay card designed for use with the Intratone 03-0102-EN 1 door central unit.  Features Include: C..

LiftMaster 860EV Universal Radio Receiver

Note: This item is a direct replacement for the LiftMaster 8003EV.Product Features: Uses our new EVO radio technology on 868 Mhz & 433Mh..

LiftMaster STAR1000 Universal Receiver

LiftMaster STAR1000 user-friendly receiver system with backup module, for gate and commercial door operators.Functions as a stand-alone cont..

MRC1001S Control Access Unit

The MRC1001S is an access control unit that is to be used to operate one door, it is equipped with an integrated 868MHz radio receiver, one ..

Nice FLOX2 2-Channel Universal Receiver (433.92 MHz)

Details - The FLOX2 is a Nice 2-channel universal receiver (433.92 MHz). Maintenance free and compatible with the FLO ra..