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Advanced Radio Access Control

Advanced Radio Access Control
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Bundle Offer - Intratone 06-0129-EN GSM/GPRS/RF Receiver Kit + 10 x Intratone 09-0101 2CH Remote Control Black

Save money on this Intratone GSM receiver and remote control special offer bundle!Bundle Contents1 x Intratone 06-0129-..

Intratone 06-0129-EN Intrabox GSM / GPRS Module Kit With Integrated 868MHz Radio Receiver

Click diagram to enlargeThe Intratone 06-0129-EN is an Intrabox RF radio receiver kit that..

Intratone 06-0130-EN Mini Keypad Kit (2pc)

Click diagram to enlarge The Intratone 06-0130-EN is a 2pc keypad kit complete with GSM / GPRS module, integrated 868 MHz rolling cod..

Intratone 07-0106-EN RF Radio Receiver ECO With Internal Aerial (EEN-REC4)

The Intratone 07-0106-EN RF receiver module facilitates not only a cost effective means for radio access control, but also offers security w..

Intratone GSM Radio Remote System Kit (06-0101-EN)

Intratone radio receiver kit that allows addition / modifying / blocking of remote controls at distance via the internet using GSM / GPRS te..

Prastel M2000-BT Standalone Access Control Unit

The M2000-BT is an improved version of M2000PE. This access control unit includes a 2000-user memory, 2 external readers inputs and a 433 MH..

Prastel M2000PE Access Controller with Built in Receiver

Discontinued and replaced by the Prastel M2000-BT Standalone Access Control Unit.Prastel rolling-code wiegand access controller.Feature..

Prastel MRRE-4 Wiegand Radio Receiver

The MRRE-4 is a 4 channel 433.92 MHz multi protocol radio receiver. It replaces the Prastel MRRE.MRRE-4 can be connected to control units wo..

Prastel M1000E Access Controller with Built in Receiver

Prastel rolling-code wiegand access controller.Features:1000 users Add, delete and mangage users, Batch add proximity cards / t..

Prastel MRRE Wiegand Radio Receiver

MRRE Wiegand Radio ReceiverFeatures:Power supply: 9 - 24V DC. Frequency 433,920 MHz. Unique Radio receiver. Wiegand/Data cl..

CDVI SELWR433 Wiegand Radio Receiver

Part of a range provided by CDVI and manufactured by Elpro Innotek of the CDVI company group, the SELWR433 is one of many radio control and ..