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Energy Strategy

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We are a Nationwide Company specialising in Smart Home and Automation Technologies.

Looking after our environment is really important to us and something that we strive to improve on year on year.

We are proactively becoming more energy efficient and have already achieved the following:

  • 90% of our lighting across our 3 premises are LED.
  • Our lighting in the corridors and toilets are set on motion sensors to save energy when not in use.
  • A total of 292 solar panels are installed across all 3 of our premises, totalling 90kw of solar power.
  • We encourage our staff to use EV vehicles, as we have 6 EV charging points installed across our premises, with customer use also allowed.
  • All of our shareholders and directors that use a vehicle to commute to work and other work purposes use 100% EV vehicles to do so.
  • We ensure that any other vehicles that are used for work purposes meet the emissions standards.
  • We aim to use energy companies that use renewable energy sources.