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Saws and Blades

Saws and Blades

Saws and Blades

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C.K T0835 Pack Of 10 Junior Hacksaw Blades

Details - The T0835 is a pack of 10 C.K junior hacksaw blades. Top quality blades, for general purpose and met..

C.K T0934R 1232 Set of 3 HSS Bi-metal Hacksaw Blades (12" - 32TPI)

Details - The T0934R 1232 is a set of 3 C.K HSS bi-metal hacksaw blades (12" - 32TPI). Shatterproof HSS B..

C.K T0814 Quick Change Hacksaw (12")

Details - The T0814 is a C.K 12" quick change hacksaw. Heavy duty and premium quality, complete with rubber gr..

C.K T0831 Plasterboard Saw (150mm / 6")

Details - The T0831 is a C.K 150mm (6") plasterboard saw, complete with -Induction hardened, coarse ..

C.K T0832 Sabretooth Plasterboard Saw (150mm / 6")

Details - The T0832 is a C.K 150mm (6") sabretooth plasterboard saw, complete with triple ground ‘turbo c..

C.K T0834 Junior Hacksaw (150mm / 6")

Details - The T0834 is a C.K 150mm (6") Junior Hacksaw, complete with high quality tensioned steel f..

C.K T4537AS Compound Action Snips Straight (10")

Details - The T4537AS is a pair of 10" C.K compound action snips straight, complete with professional quality ..