Chamberlain Remote Controls

Chamberlain Remote Controls


Remote controls supplied by Chamberlain and sold by EasyGates Direct.

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MotorLift 84330E 1 Button Remote Control - Visor Clip (433.92 MHz)

This remote can replace the Motorlift 84335E. The 84330E (also known as 84330EML) is a Chamberlain / MotorLift 1 button remote control ..

Chamberlain TX4RUNI 4 Channel Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Chamberlain branded remote control.Up to four garage door openers or gate openers can be operated with one transmitter.Compatible with all f..

Motorlift 84335E 3 Button Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

This remote can be replaced by the MotorLift 84330E and also the Liftmaster TX4UNIS. The 84335E is a MotorLift 3 button remote control ..


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