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Intratone GSM Audio Intercoms

Intratone GSM Audio Intercoms
Take control of your entry systems

Intratone Intercom Access

GSM Intercoms have always been an effective means of door entry with minimal installation requirements & unlimited range for the user.

However, there has always been debate for the customer with the ongoing costs involved, especially when being used in a multi-residency environment. Fortunately Intratone has the answer to this age-old problem.

Intratone offer solutions for both single dwellings and multiple occupancy which comes complete with 15 years worth of calls and data inclusive. That simply means no monthly tariffs, and no top-up requirements for 15 years.

The Intratone Real-Time Management Suite

The system is set up through the online management suite which boasts a wide variety of parameters to accommodate customer requirements.

This also allows for any future programming to be carried out in the comfort of your office, without any site visits to reconfigure settings.

This saves time, money and hassle, while also ensuring that installations are always safe and secure.

Intratone My Intercom App

If you are fitting an intercom with video capabilities (such as the Reno GSM Intercom), then the user can download the app for their mobile device which is iOS and Android compatible (‘My Intercom-Intratone’).

This offers both video and audio communication with a lock release function to enable entry to the property. Multi-user systems are available, so please get in touch if you require a quote! Click here to contact us.

Intercom App

Intratone Brochures and Catalogues

At EasyGates Direct we distribute the entire range of Intratone products, have a look at the links below to view all of the access control solutions that Intratone provides. Can't find what you are looking for? No worries! Contact us by clicking here and we will be happy to help.

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Intratone GSM Intercoms Online site Management
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