GTE KMG VD 2005 Evaluation Software

The GTE KMG-VD is a vital piece of archiving and evaluation software that is an essential accessory specially developed for GTE's KMG-2000 force testers. The program is Windows compatible and supports five operating languages.

The system is incredibly simple and easy to use. Once you have connected the force tester to the computer via USB connection, the whole database including all measurement results and graphs can be downloaded to the PC with just a single mouse click. Afterwards you can easily create detailed, graphical analysis from the stored single measurements and test point triplets.

The KMG-VD software is equipped with a project module function, this organises all system-related data and simplifies the creation of comprehensive reports. These can then be easily exported as PDF files, printed or sent via email.


  • Support for multiple languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Fast, efficient and simple data transfer from force testers to Windows computers
  • Graphical display of force / time charts
  • Detailed analysis of measurement gradients with cursor-functions
  • Archiving and documentation of measurements
  • Printing of acceptance reports conforming to European Standards
  • Measurement control via personal computer
  • Synchronous display of three single measurements and their average values


GTE KMG VD 2005 Evaluation Software Manual

GTE KMG-2000 Quick Start Guide

GTE KMG VD 2005 Evaluation Software

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