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Intratone Receivers

Intratone Receivers

Intratone Specialist Radio Receivers - Clever radio systems with remote administration.

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Intratone GSM Radio Remote System Kit (06-0101-EN)

Intratone radio receiver kit that allows addition / modifying / blocking of remote controls at distance via the internet using GSM / GPRS te..

Intratone 06-0129-EN Intrabox GSM / GPRS Module Kit With Integrated 868MHz Radio Receiver

Click diagram to enlargeThe Intratone 06-0129-EN is an Intrabox RF radio receiver kit that comprises of 2 parts housed i..

Intratone 07-0106-EN RF Radio Receiver ECO With Internal Aerial (EEN-REC4)

The Intratone 07-0106-EN RF receiver module facilitates not only a cost effective means for radio access control, but also offers security w..

Intratone 12-0110-EN Relay Card For 1 Door Central Unit

The Intratone 12-0110-EN is a relay card designed for use with the Intratone 03-0102-EN 1 door central unit. FeaturesCan open up t..