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Nice Accessories

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Nice BMA1 Accessory for 360° Opening of L-Fab and Big-Fab

Nice BMA1 Accessory for Opening up to 360° for Gates MAX. 3.5m in Length for L-FAB and BIG-FAB ..

Nice BMBOX Foundation Box for Big-Fab

Nice BMBOX Foundation Box for Big-Fab (BM5024)  with cataphoresis paint finish  ..

Nice Kio

Nice Kio keyswitch.Features:User-friendly:  the Nice Kio is both a key-operated selector switch and a release device.&n..

Nice MEA1 360°Adapter Kit

Nice MEA1 360°Adapter Kit Mechanical accessory for opening up to 360° for gates maximum 2.5m in length ..

Nice OBOX2 Connection Interface

Nice OBOX2 Connection Interface with O-Box Software Suite Software and USB Cable Enables the programming directly from PC  ..

Nice PLA13 Mechanical Travel Stops

Nice PLA13 Mechanical Travel Stops for Closing and Opening Manoeuvres Please Note: The PLA13 is priced / sold as individual stops &..

Nice RBA1 Inductive Limit Switch

Nice RBA1 Inductive Limit Switch for Sliding Gates  ..

Nice XBA10 Pivoting Bar Connection

The Nice XBA10 is a pivoting bar connection, for use with bars up to 4m. ..

Nice XBA11 Bar Joint

Nice XBA11 bar joint for the XBA14 and XBA15, from 1950mm to 2400mm. ..

Nice XBA16 Anchorage Base

Nice XBA16 Anchorage Base, with additional clamps. ..

Nice XBA17 Anchorage Base

Nice XBA17 Anchorage Base with additional clamps. ..

Nice XBA18 Indicator Lights

Nice XBA18 indicator lights for click fixture on lower or upper side of bars up to 8m in length.  ..