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Videx 4800 Code Lock (3 Codes - 3 Relays) Module

The codelock module has 3 codes, 3 changeover relay outputs and an override input. It can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or latching output..

Videx 4820 Display - Voice Annunciation Module

The module will work with the 4837, 4838, 4832 and 4833 (VK4K) amplifier modules. Working in conjunction with these modules it will display ..

Videx 4833 1 or 2 Button, Colour Camera/Speaker Module

2 button with illuminated name plates colour camera and speaker units for 4000 series videokits. Door panels have adjustable reassurance ton..

Videx 4850 Vprox (100 Fob Standalone) Module

The programming of fobs/cards is carried out at the reader using a simple programming menu, buttons and LED's, up to 100 cards/fobs can be p..

Videx 500TS Touch Sensitive Remote Control for 500MM (62A)

Infra red remote control for 500MM apartment station. Used with the 500MM apartment station this allows the user to answer the apartment sta..