Daitem SC901AX Wireless Audio Intercom System

Daitem wireless remote entry system kit for 1-dwelling, this kit includes a caller unit which is suitable for outdoors and is equipped with a badge reader. The controller and handset unit are powered by Lithium batteries.


Users can filter and welcome visitors using the handset, remotely listen to background sounds at the entrances and communicate with other handsets and control up to 16 automatic systems from the home:

  • LCD Screen for viewing various status messages. (Gate/Latch status, battery level, reception quality, etc.)
  • Battery life of up to 5 years.
  • Powered by lithium batteries.
  • Up to 4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access).
  • Up to 4 automatic gates (car access).
  • Up to 4 automatic garage doors. *
  • Up to 4 lighting receivers. *

Kit Contents:

The SC900AX wireless remote entry control system includes:

  • 1 Back-lit outdoor caller unit with keypad and badge reader MHF02X.
  • 1 Armoured cover for 1-dwelling outdoor caller unit DB721.
  • 1 Proximity badge TAGID.
  • 1 Lithium battery-powered controller SC201AU.
  • 1 Indoor handset unit with lithium battery-powered base SC101AX.

* Associated Receiver Required

Daitem SC901AX Wireless Audio Intercom System

  • Brand: Daitem
  • Product Code: SC901AX
  • Availability:  Please Enquire
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