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Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights

Replacement flashing signal lights for gate automation systems.

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Chamberlain LiftMaster FLA1-LED 24v Flashing Light

Chamberlain LiftMaster FLA1-LED 24v LED flashing light, provides a visual warning signal when the gate is activated / in motion.Features Li..

Nice Era ELAC Flashing LED Signal Light (90 - 240v AC)

The Nice Era ELAC is a flashing LED signal light operating at 90 - 240v AC, as used across various Nice automation systems. The ELAC is..

Nice Era ELDC Flashing LED Signal Light (12 - 36v DC)

The Nice Era ELDC is a flashing LED signal light operating at 12 - 36v DC, as used across various Nice automation systems.  - Manual ..

NiceHome FL200 Flashing LED Light

NiceHome FL200 positionable flashing LED light with built-in aerial, for use with NiceHome and MHouse gate and garage door openers.Fully bac..

Nice ELB Flashing Signal Light (12v)

The ELB is a Nice flashing light for automatic doors or barriers for open and closing safety. It is designed to be mounted easily and i..

LiftMaster 24Vdc Flashing Light (swg-0490) FLA-24

A 24v DC Flashing light strobe. Useful to use as a warning to people nearby that the gate is moving so people clear the area or stay vi..

Nice WLT Wallyght

Features:The only version with 12/24 Vac/Vdc power supply and flashing light function, courtesy light function or dusk sensor functio..