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Prastel Photocells

Prastel Photocells

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BATSLIM Single Lithium Battery (3.6V)

A single 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery. Can be used to power the Prastel FT25B safety photocells.This type of battery is the same si..

Prastel FOTO30SDE Relay Photocells

Please do not confuse with the FT25B battery version of this photocell. Features: Power Supply: 12 / 24v AC/DC Range: 30m nominal (8m i..

Prastel FSTYLE25A Vandal Resistant Photocells

Features: 3 Fixing Angles 12 - 24v AC/DC Vandal Proof Design IP55 Protection Rating NC output Stainless Steel Housing Self-Test Function Res..

Prastel FT25B Battery Operated Photocells

FT25B, a development of the FOTO30SDE has been designed and built for use in automatic access applications. The FT25B transmitter may be bat..

Prastel CR10MS Mini-Probe Photocell (10m)

Please call us for prices. The CR10MS is a Prastel mini-probe photocell (10m), complete with two mounting systems. Suited for use with ..

Prastel FOTO9S2AST Photocell Amplifier For CR10MS Probe

Please call us for prices. The FOTO9S2AST is a Prastel photocell amplifier for use with the 2-beam Prastel CR10MS Mini-Probe Photocell...

Prastel FT25B-S2R Photocells with adjustable lens

Features:Power 12/24 VAC/DC TX battery powered 180 degree mountable Adjustable optics 8.2 kohm edge input CAT2 compliant 12..