Finger Keeper Industrial - AFFKINDXTPV - TPV - Heavy Duty Hinge Guard - Long - 157mm x 2500mm - Black

Details -

The AFFKINDXTPV is a Finger Keeper Industrial TPV heavy duty hinge guard (long - 157mm x 2500mm - black), composed of anodised aluminium carriers and ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate Polymer (TPV) construction - and comes complete with fixing concealment strips.

Finger Keeper Hinge Guards are designed for interior or exterior doors / gates in demanding commercial, industrial, retail or any similar environment to prevent fingers from being caught in the gap in the door / gate. Hinge guards are designed for fixing to the gate / door and the jamb on the hinged side.

PLEASE NOTE - Where automatic swing doors are fitted, it is a requirement of BS EN 16005 that finger-trap protection is used at the hanging stile(s) of the door-set.

TPV - Benefits and Features 

  • TPV (ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate polymer) is based on EPDM rubber modified to have greater tear resistance at a lower density
  • Great environmental temperature performance, both low and high ranges
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and weathering, low compression set and flex fatigue resistance
  • Significantly more UV stable (no fading or whitening), also has greater tear strength and tear resistance compared to EPDM

Technical Features Include -

  • Dimensions - 157mm Width / 2500mm Length
  • Fixing Method - Self-drilling screws concealed by push-in, guard colour matched cover strips (all parts supplied)
  • Materials / Finish - Satin Clear Anodised Aluminium (Carrier) / Black TPV Polymer (Strip)
  • Designed for use with timber, steel hinged or pivoting doors with opening angles up to 120°
  • Requires door thickness of 35mm minimum

Other Features Include -

  • Capable of being retro fitted
  • Installation instructions included
  • Can be easily cut down or extended for non-standard height doors

Materials / Finish

Carrier - Satin Clear Anodised Aluminium

Strip - Black TPV Polymer


Width - 157mm

Length - 2500mm

Finger Keeper Industrial - AFFKINDXTPV - TPV - Heavy Duty Hinge Guard - Long - 157mm x 2500mm - Black

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