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Fibaro Training for Installers

Fibaro Training for Installers

Become a certified FIBARO smart home system installer

Are you a property developer, contractor, architect or electrician? Are you a freelancer or company in the UK related to, or looking into smart home development? EasyGates Direct have now become a Fibaro network authorised distributer, offering in-depth knowledge and training of the Fibaro device range and home automation services.

Benefits of completing the training

FIBARO system installer certificate

Access to new training, marketing and sales content

Technical support during first customer’s installation and designing process

Access to FIBARO Academy knowledge platform and the FIBARO Installer App

Fibaro System Installer Certificate

Join the team!

Join the FIBARO training course and become a certified distributor of the FIBARO smart home system, just book a day with us. Completing of the training will reward you with:

  • Knowledge of FIBARO smart home elements
  • Designing and implementation of smart home system installations
  • Design and configuration of wireless Z-Wave network
  • Method of implementing the available integrations

Business to business benefits

Individual purchase benefits of FIBARO products, independent of the revenue

FIBARO system installation orders

Theoretical and practical trainings

Top notch tools and materials available for certified experts only

Your business location available on worldwide FIBARO partnership database

What will training entail?

Training is completed over several stages, but can be broken down to two major sessions. The first session consists of introductions to the purpose of home automation and the FIBARO range of devices, Z-Wave and HomeKit technologies and practical showcases of products and example setups.

The second session is a more in-depth and involved look at the FIBARO interfaces, system configurations, features of the setup interface, creating scenes and associations, the compatibility of mobile platforms, remote access, insider installation tips, where to find your product literature and support, and the Fibaro installer app.

Fibaro Academy Logo

Once done with the training day you will be invited to the FIBARO academy, where you will find all kinds of useful preparation for the advanced course, which involves a more in-depth look at the software side of the installation. This includes: installation design, LUA programming for home automation and advanced system diagnostics.

The FIBARO installer app

When you become a fully fledged certificate owner, you will be given access to the installer app.

Remote control

Lower expenses

Customers database

Instant failure alert

Placing orders live

Fibaro App

Available on the App Store    Get it on Google Play    Desktop Web App
  • Create estimated offers live
  • Order directly from the distributor
  • Carry out service activities at customer’s Home Center HUB
  • Remotely monitor customer’s system
  • Check and test the range of the device including communication routes
  • Receive push notifications of customer’s system failure
  • Check the battery status of devices