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Yubii Home Automation

Yubii Home Automation
Yubii Home Intelligence

The Yubii Home System is a comprehensive smart home control and automation solution, connecting a network of sensors, models and devices.

EasyGates Direct are currently suppliers of Fibaro's range of Z-Wave accessories that work seamlessly with the Yubii Home, as well as providing training and technical support for installers in the UK.

Lights, Blinds, Alarm, Leak Detection, Shutters, Temperature, Gates, Music, Awnings, Much More...

Why Choose The Yubii Home?


A variety of CO sensors, flood and smoke detectors, door/window interfaces, and cameras can reliably and continually defend your house and loved ones from any risk, including unseen ones.


Home should always be warm and pleasant! Get smart heat controllers, thermostats, wall plugs and WiFi air conditioning interfaces, and Yubii Home will ensure proper comfort and control in each room, tailored to your needs.

Electrical Management

Yubii Home will be able to turn on and off your electric appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and ovens, using smart wall plugs and switches linked to them, as well as monitor and assess their power usage and safeguard your home from overvoltage.


Yubii Home is the gateway that connects Nice, FIBARO, and elero* technologies, as well as third-party devices, owing to the support of an IP camera, 5 plug-ins, and compatibility with Z-Wave and WiFi protocols.

Control Your Home When You're Away

Manage your house from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet! The Yubii app connects you to your house and allows you to manage it from anywhere in the globe.

*Q4 2021

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