INDUS Transmission Systems

INDUS Transmission Systems

On moving doors and gates, ASO INDUS transmission systems transmit the signal from the moving contact edge to the safety relay, in a maintenance and wear-free manner. All INDUS signal transmission systems are rigorously tested in order to comply with the latest safety standards.

  • Easy to install unit for gates up to 20m in width
  • Fully compliant with the latset safety regulations, including BS EN ISO 13849-1 and the Machinery Directive
  • Fastest possible reaction times
  • No interference from radio signals
  • No batteries or service needed
Product Update
INDUS 2 Additional Cores
INDUS Diagram 1

INDUS Diagram 2
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Our Easy Fit INDUS system just got EVEN easier

A new steel cable with additional 2 cores is now included in each kit, which helps reduce fitting time. One end is pre-assembled with connectors for the travelling coil SPK54. An extra pair of waterproof connectors is included at the tensioner to connect the rear travelling safety edge.

This allows safety edges at each end of the gate to be connected to the travelling coil easily, without the need to run a long connecting cable through or along the gate.

This new cable design is included as part of the kit at NO extra cost!

INDUS Wiring Before
INDUS Wiring After
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