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Came TOP-432EE Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts!Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S, TOP432EV)Features:433.92MHz Frequency Two B..

CL4000 4 Button Cloning Remote

Features4 channel remote Can copy any 433Mhz fixed code remote with DIP switches or fixed code remotes such as : Came TOP432S ..

FAAC XT2 2 Button Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts & Etched Remotes Available!We have many other products we can brand for you, from Stainless Steel CE marking pl..

UT2/UR2-433EG | 1x Receiver 4x Remote Pack Special

A kit containing 1x UR2-433EG 433MHz Receiver and 4 x UT2-433EG 433MHz Rolling Code Remotes.Please note the reciever is DC Voltage only...

Nice One ON1 Remote Control

Nice One ON1 1 Button 433.92MHz Remote Control Features:433.92 MHz, Rolling Code using AM amplitude modulation. Built..

Nice FLO2 Remote Control

Nice FLO2 2 channel remote control.Product Features:Nice 2 Button 433.92MHz radio-control with programmable code Fixed code wit..

Nice Inti1 Remote Control

Nice's new colourful line of 1 and 2 channel miniaturised transmitters, available in six colours.Features:433.92 MHz, Rolling Cod..

Nice Inti2 Remote Control

Replaces Nice Flor/Flor-s Remote ControlsFeatures:433.92 MHz rolling code with management of Identity Codes and Certificates..


The KMG LITE tester provides a highly affordable solution to installers who require maximum performance & versatility from their testing..

Sensable Sensors ULD4669/11F Single Loop Detector 230V

Features:1 Relay output (NO/NC) 230V Version Sensitivity adjustable Relay base included..