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ACI Farfisa PL42PCED Colour Camera Module

Colour camera module with 3.6 mm fixed lens with integrated door speaker with 2 call buttons for 4+1 reduced wiring systems. ..

ACI Farfisa PRS210 15VA Transformer

15VA transformer 127-230V. 13 Vac. VDE certification. 3 DIN modules in DIN bar, or it can be mounted on the wall. Can be used t..

ACI Farfisa PRS210ED 15VA Transformer with Electronic Ringer

15VA transformer with electronic ringer for 1+1 audio installations.  127-230V. 13 Vac. 4 A modules in DIN bar...

ACI Farfisa PRS220 15VA Power Supply

15VA power supply. 6 Vdc-13 Vac. VDESASO certifications. 4 A modules in DIN bar. ..

ACI Farfisa PRS240 18 VA Power Supply

18 VA power supply with 2 modulated electronic ringer modules. 8 Vdc-13 Vac. VDE certification. 6 A modules in DIN bar...