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Remote Controls

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Came TOP-432EE Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts!Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S, TOP432EV)Features:433.92MHz Frequency Two B..

Nice One ON1 Remote Control

Nice One ON1 1 Button 433.92MHz Remote Control Features:433.92 MHz, Rolling Code using AM amplitude modulation. Built..

FAAC XT2 2 Button Remote Control

Great Quantity Discounts!We can Laser mark your company Logo on the back of these remote controls, call for details.Featur..

BFT Mitto B RCB 2 Button Remote control

Quantity Discounts Available!The MITTO B RCB 2 Button rolling code transmitter by BFT that operates at the 433MHz frequency. Replace MIT..

CL4000 4 Button Cloning Remote

Features4 channel remote Can copy any 433Mhz fixed code remote with DIP switches or fixed code remotes such as : Came TOP432S ..

Gibidi Domino 4 Button Remote Control

Quantity Discounts Available.Features and Technical Information:Compatible with all Gibidi 433Mhz rolling code systems. Include..

LiftMaster TX4UNIS 4 Channel Universal Remote Control (433MHz)

The TX4UNIS is a LiftMaster 4 channel universal remote control (433 MHz), complete with key ring. This remote can be programmed to all Chamb..

LiftMaster TX4UNI 4 Channel Universal Remote Control (433Mhz)

This remote can be replaced by the LiftMaster TX4UNIS. The TX4UNI is a Liftmaster universal remote control (handheld transmitter), it i..

LiftMaster TX2EV 2 Channel Remote Control - Evolution Series (868Mhz)

The TX2EV is a Liftmaster 2 channel remote control for Evolution gate operators with 868 Mhz. Please Note: The TX2EV remote i..

LiftMaster TX4EV 4 Channel Remote Control - Evolution Series (868 Mhz)

The TX4EV is a Liftmaster 4 channel remote control for Evolution gate operators with 868 Mhz. Please Note: The TX4EV remote i..

Chamberlain TX4RUNI 4 Channel Remote Control (433.92 MHz)

Chamberlain branded remote control.Up to four garage door openers or gate openers can be operated with one transmitter.Compatible with all f..

Nice ON1E Remote Control

Nice ON1E 1 Button 433.92MHz Remote Control Features:Built in proximity reader  433.92 rolling code, self-learning an..

Genius Kilo TX2 Remote Control

The newly redesigned GENIUS remote controls offer a clean and stylish look while keeping great functionality and being extremely easy to use..

Intratone RF Eco 2-Channel Remote (HTEL3-00)

Intratone Remote Controls are robust,  simple to set up and administer. Using the online management tools you can programme remote cont..