GSM Automation & Access Control

GSM Automation & Access Control
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Eldes ESIM120 GSM Switch Controller for Gates/ Barriers/ Devices, with Free Android, iOS App.

Dial to Open gates (no phone charges) Use Caller ID to identify users SMS Notification of Fault/Fai..

Intratone GSM Remote Kit Special Offer ( inc 50 Remote Controls)

Manage remote controls and 'Dial to Open Access' over the Internet. Simple interface allows remote programming, with add, delete, block ..

ACI Farfisa 1MCFCPL GSM Intercom

GSM Intercom System with Keypad Backlight  Includes PL11G door station, PRS210 transformer, FC52PL keypad and PL92 rain shelter. Flu..

Intratone GSM Radio Remote System Kit - 06-0101-EN (EEN-BOXECO-HF)

Radio Reciever that allows addtion/delete/block of remote controls at distance via the internet.Remotes can be set to work at diffe..

Intratone 07-0106-EN (EEN-REC4) 868MHz RF Receiver + Internal Aerial

The 07-0106-EN is an Intratone RF receiver (868 MHz), complete with internal aerial.Features Include -Real-Time OR Read / Write ManagementTw..

Intratone 12-0115-EN USB Port Programmer

The 12-0115-EN is an Intratone USB port programmer, designed to programme ALL Intratone badges / remote controls on TAG or RF. Simple and ea..

Intratone RF Eco 2-Channel Remote (HTEL3-00)

Intratone Remote Controls are robust,  simple to set up and administer. Using the online management tools you can programme remote cont..

ACI Farfisa 1MCPLS GSM Intercom

Includes PL11G door station, PRS210 transformer and a PL92 rain shelter.Flush mount option also available, contact us for deta..

Eldes ESIM110 GSM Relay

Features:The Eldes ESIM110 can be programmed PC using the included configuration tool via USB connection. The ESIM110 can also be p..

GSM Switch GMT-RC01

Please Note: The RC01 is discontinued and is no longer available. For a direct replacement, please see the Eldes ESIM120. Features..

Intratone 04-0107-EN Coded Keypad

The Intratone 04-0107-EN coded keypad has 12 backlit keys allowing for indoors or outdoor use, the keypad can also be surface mounted with i..

Intratone 06-0129-EN GSM / GPRS Module + Integrated 868MHz RF Receiver Module

Details -  The 06-0129-EN is an Intratone GSM / GPRS module, complete with integrated 868MHz rolling code RF receiver module & 1..

Intratone 06-0130-EN Keypad Kit (2pc)

Details -The 06-0130-EN is an Intratone Keypad Kit, complete with GSM / GPRS module (includes integrated 868MHz rolling cod..

Intratone 06-0131-EN Proximity Reader Kit (3pc)

Details - The 06-0131-EN is an Intratone proximity reader kit (3pc), complete with 10 years FREE data. With th..