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C.K 595003 Electricians Premium Tool Kit (19pc Kit)

Details - The 595003 is a C.K 19pc electricians premium tool kit, complete with combicutter 3 side cutter..

C.K 595006 Electrician's Tool Kit

A fantastic tool kit featuring a case with durable polyester construction. Bright red inner lining for easy visibility of stored items. 50 p..

C.K T0835 Pack Of 10 Junior Hacksaw Blades

Details - The T0835 is a pack of 10 C.K junior hacksaw blades. Top quality blades, for general purpose and met..

C.K T0934R 1232 Set of 3 HSS Bi-metal Hacksaw Blades (12" - 32TPI)

Details - The T0934R 1232 is a set of 3 C.K HSS bi-metal hacksaw blades (12" - 32TPI). Shatterproof HSS B..

C.K T0959-10 Spare Blades - Pack of 10

Details - Pack of 10 (T0959-10) C.K heavy duty replacement blades, supplied in a spring loaded blade dispenser for ..

C.K T2255 Armour Slice Spare Blades (Pack of 5)

Details - The T2255 is a pack of 5 C.K armour slice spare blades, for  use with the "T2250 Armour Sl..

C.K T4404A Hexagonal 7pc Metric Key Set

Details - The T4404A is a hexagonal 7pc C.K metric key set, complete with steel clip holder. Ma..

C.K T4915 VDE (1000V) Interchangeable Bladed Screwdriver Set (8pc)

Details - The T4915 is a C.K VDE (1000v) interchangeable bladed screwdriver set (8pc), complete with ..

C.K T49193 VDE Screwdriver SLP/PZD (Set of 8)

Details - The T49193 is a C.K VDE screwdriver SLP/PZD (set of 8), complete with tip type marking and storage case. VDE certif..

C.K T49283 VDE Slim Screwdriver PZ/SL (Set of 5)

Details - The T49283 is a C.K VDE slim screwdriver PZ/SL (set of 5), complete with slim shafted insu..

C.K T5410 Mighty Rod 10m Cable Rod Set

Details - The T5410 is a C.K 10m mighty rod cable rod set, complete with slimline connectors. ‘..

C.K T5411 Mighty Rod Tool Box Cable Rod Set 3.3m

Details - The T5411 is a C.K 3.3m mighty rod tool box cable rod set, complete with zinc plated steel..

C.K T5421 Mighty Rod PRO Cable Rod Standard Set 10m

Details - The T5421 is a C.K 10m mighty rod pro cable rod standard set, complete with zinc plated steel connec..

CK Avit Masonry SDS Drill Bit Set 5pc New

CK Avit Masonry SDS Drill Bit Set 5pc

Impact resistant Tungsten carbide tips. 5 Piece set containing: 5 & 6 x 110mm, 7,8 & 10 x 160mm...

CK Triton XLS Insulated Screwdriver Set SL/PZ

Conforms to EN60900:2004 tested to 10,000v. Safe for live working up to 1000vContains: Slotted parallel 2.5x75mm, 4x100mm, 5.5x125mm, PZ1x80..