Nice Control Boards

Nice Control Boards

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Nice MC824H Control Unit

Nice MC824H Control Unit for 24 Vdc Toona with magnetic encoder Features: Nice BlueBUS technology  Compatible with Ope..

Nice RBA3 Control Unit for RB and RUN Motors

Nice RBA3 Control Unit for RB and RUN MotorsCompatible with RB400, RB600/600P, RB1000/1000P and Run1500/1500P ..

Nice Mindy A60 Control Panel for Gates

Specification:Pull-out terminals  Two photocell inputs with sperate functions  Electronic adjustment Gradual departur..

Nice Mindy A6F

Nice Mindy A6F control unit.Features:​Pull-out terminal boards  Two photcell inputs with seperate functions Electrical o..

Nice Mindy A700f Control Panel for Gates

Specification:For two motors, microprocessor logic Removable terminal boards  Two photocell inputs Partial opening (standa..

Nice Mindy A824 Control Panel for Gates

Specification:24V version with encoder, microprocessor logic, for one or two DC motors.Ideal for Moby 24Vdc, Metro 24Vdc, an..

Nice Mindy A924

Nice Mindy A924 control panel.Features:24 V version for one dc motor, complete with encoder. Intelligent clutch with anti-crush..