Prastel Photocells

Prastel Photocells

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Prastel FSTYLE25A Vandal Resistant Photocells

Features:3 Fixing Angles 12 - 24V AC/DC Vandal Proof Design IP65 Rated NC output Stainless Steel Housing Self-Test Functi..

Prastel FT25B Battery Operated Photocells

FT25B, a development of the FOTO30SDE has been designed and built for use in automatic access applications. The FT25B transmitter may be bat..


1 Battery - 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride ..

Prastel FOTO30SDE Relay Photocells

Features: Power 12/24 VAC/DC. Auto Aligning. Nominal range 30m...

Prastel FT25B-S2R Photocells with adjustable lens

Features:Power 12/24 VAC/DC TX battery powered 180 degree mountable Adjustable optics 8.2 kohm edge input CAT2 compliant 12..