Relay Compatible Photocells

Relay Compatible Photocells

Our recommended selection of photocells that work we most manufactures' gate automation, barrier and industrial door systems. Please note some systems use proprietary bus technologies, the below devices cannot be used as a direct replacement for these.

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Slim Vandal Resistant Safety Photocells - FTC911M

Infrared safety photocells suitable for outdoor use with an IP rating of 55, sporting a metal case to help make it weath..

Battery Vandal Photocells - Armas FTC 981MB

Pair of vandal resistant FTC 981MB battery powered photocells, ideal for industrial use due to a cast aluminium casing, ensuring&n..

Prastel FT25B Battery Operated Photocells

FT25B, a development of the FOTO30SDE has been designed and built for use in automatic access applications. The FT25B transmitter may be bat..

Armas FTC 981M Photocells

Pair of vandal resistant FTC 981M photocells, ideal for industrial use due to its cast aluminium casing, ensuring reiliability for heav..

FIRE-F180 Adjustable Photocells

Features: 12 / 24v AC / DC N/O - N/C output 180 degree adjustable Anti-Vandal cover available Max Range: 20mProtection Rating: IP55 EN6..

FIRE-F180-PRO Anti-Vandal Cover For The FIRE-F180 Photocells (Single Cover)

Note: Photocells not included!  Price is for Single cover, however these must be purchased in pairs.Anti-vandal cover for the Fire-..

Photocell Post for FOTO35SDE

Photocell Post for FOTO35SDE / - Price Per Single Post ..

Prastel FOTO30SDE Relay Photocells

Features: Power 12/24 VAC/DC. Auto Aligning. Range: 30m nominal (8m in external use)..

Prastel FT25B-S2R Photocells with adjustable lens

Features:Power 12/24 VAC/DC TX battery powered 180 degree mountable Adjustable optics 8.2 kohm edge input CAT2 compliant 12..

ZOOM-Z180B Digital Relay Battery Photocells

The Z180B is a ZOOM digital relay battery photocell, complete with a a BAT3 battery (2 x AAA LR03 of 1,5V) which can last up to 15 months (t..

ZOOM-Z1i Safety Photocells

Standard synchronised built-in / flush photocell, compatible with COLL-TI.Features: 60mm DiameterIP55 Protection RatingProtection against in..

ZOOM-Z1iDD Safety Photocells

Digital built-in photocell like ZOOM Z-180DD, 52mm diameter. Supplied with wall-casing A-CMZS.Features: 52mm DiameterIP55 Protection RatingD..