Here at EasyGates Direct we offer a range of services as well as high quality products. One of our most popular services is  personalised service of laser etching,  you can use this service to make your own personal mark on your products to raise your brand awareness!

Why Use Our Services?

  • Value for money – We offer a competitive price on laser etching and can even offer large specific orders laser etched products as part of the agreed sales package
  • High Quality, designed to last – Create a permanent and waterproof mark that will never rub off or fade with our state of the art laser etching service
  • Personal and suited to your needs – We can mark your products with company logos, production dates, contact details, safety instructions and other bespoke requests


Examples of products we can work with:

  • Remote Controls
  • Enclosures
  • CE Plates
  • Photocells
  • Keypads


Managing Director, Tony Daniels-Gooding said:

‘Remote controls, enclosures, CE Plaques and Photocells can all be etched with a permanent and waterproof mark that will never rub off or degrade.

This is a service we are happy to offer customers who purchase a minimum quantity of relevant products to improve their brand awareness and personalise the products they are supplying or installing to their customers.’


Check out this short video to give you an insight into what we can provide for you…

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