Using ARCA cabinets instead of traditional metal enclosures provide many more advantages like extra security, rigidity, more versatile mounting options and makes it also easier and quicker to install.

Fibox ARCA General Features:

  • 100% corrosion resistant – glass fibre filled polycarbonate
  • Fire resistant UL 94-5VA
  • Electrically isolated 1500 VDC
  • UV resistant UL 746C

Benefits of ARCA:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Ability to assemble the components on the DIN rail frame outside the cabinet
  • Quick and easy to install the inner door
  • No tools or screws needed
  • Lockable making it safe and secure
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • Several flange options for easy cable management
  • Direct wall mounting
  • Mounting lugs for different environments
  • Extra space for wiring
  • Ability to mount it on the wall without opening the door
  • Easy pole mounting
  • Versatile mounting pod option
  • Double-bit locking
  • Changeable lock inserts
  • Additional rigidity
  • Wide foamed PUR gasket
  • Secure and smooth door closing
  • Waterproof – rain-hood provides additional protection
  • Additional security – door stopper limits opening angle


Featured Products

Fibox ARCA 604021 Cabinet

Grey cover, 2-Point locking, hinges on the long side

Dimensions: 600x400x210


Fibox ARCA 302015 Cabinet

Grey cover, 1-Point locking, hinges on the long side

Dimensions: 300x200x150

Check out and the rest of our FIBOX range here.


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