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FIBARO is a well-known smart home technology brand established in 2010, producing the highest quality products within the home automation industry. FIBARO prides themselves on their quality products and support with more that 150 trademarks and registered patents. Within the FIBARO Knowledge base, there is access to manuals, guides, video tutorial support and FAQs. As well as that, FIBARO also offer a comprehensive compatibility list to highlight which 3rd party devices are able to work with the system.

What is Z-Wave Technology?

Z-Wave technology is a low energy, encrypted wireless communication system operating on the 900MHz range. This system is mainly used for home automation as it does not interfere with your 2.4Ghz WIFI and also won’t be interfered with. To enable Z-Wave technology to work, the Z wave device creates a mesh network, this then communicates different categories of  information for example; status, temperature lumins and toxicity levels. In addition, there are a range of different platforms that can be used to control the central hub via the internet, which include;

  • Mobile App

  • Desktop Software

  • Other Z-Wave Devices (Button Triggers)

More manufactures are starting to join the Z-Wave Alliance due to the reliability of the system and the increase in popularity. A significant advantage of the Z-Wave Alliance is that all of their products are able to communicate with each other. The Z-Wave Alliance boasts 2600 products with more than 700 companies as members.