We would just like to thank everyone who has attended our ‘Training Tuesdays’! So far, we have had some fantastic reviews and feedback…especially about the lunches!  Therefore we would like to encourage others to get involved and take part in some of our future courses as they have been proven to be helpful in expanding and enhancing your knowledge based on the different product trainings that we offer.

Also we would also encourage you to get in touch if you have a product training that you would be interested in taking part in that we don’t already do, this will help us to organise more product training events that will help YOU!

To help organise your diary, here is a list of all of our upcoming FREE Training events.


  • FIBARO Home Automation Training – 17th (9:30am)
  • ASO Solutions Safety and GTE KMG Lite Product Training – 24th (9:30am)


  • CDVI DIGIWAY Internal Door Opener Training – 3rd (9:30am)
  • Intratone Training/Open Day – 8th (9:30am)
  • FIBARO Home Automation Training – 15th (9:30am)
  • NICE Gate Automation Control Panel Training – 22nd (9:30am)

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