EasyGates Direct Produce Intratone GSM Video

With so many access control systems available, it is difficult to find a cost effective yet comprehensive solution to door entry requirements.
Intratone offer a unique solution in the form of GSM programmable devices with multi-functional online platforms. Enabling installers to fully customise their installation requirements.

EasyGates Direct are in the process of producing a 3-D video that will show the many benefits of the Intratone GSM technology. The video will be available on the EasyGates Direct website and the EasyGates You Tube channel.

Dave Blake, Technical Manager at EasyGates Direct said: ‘We felt the video was essential to explain the technical capabilities of this product, some of which installers may not realise.

‘The video shows three system options with a small sample of the Intratone devices key benefits. There are many functions and features available which allows the user to fully customise their installations, all at the click of a mouse and managed from any internet web browser.’

The Intratone Intracall GSM intercom, keypad and remote keyfob are depicted in the video with system features highlighted including mobile key access, call button time range, 10/15 yrs worth of data , multiple user authorisations and 3 months event logging.