The brand new Fibaro Home Center 3 has now been released and is now available from EasyGates Direct! To enquire call us on 01384 569 942 or email us via

This new system is the world’s most advanced and easy to install home management solution for Z-Wave smart devices, which will not require any changes to your present electrical installations. The system allows you to create preferences and set automated scenes, as well as adding your devices to the network.  After 10 years of experience and feedback Fibaro have managed to develop and create the Home Center 3 with improvements from their previous systems.

The main elements include: 

Fast, high quality and versatile management system 

  • 50% Greater Range 
  • 4x Larger Flash Memory 
  • 1.3x Faster Processing Power 
  • 2x More RAM Memory 


Tripled Secured System 

The Home Center 3 now includes system C as well as A and B, which will act as an emergancy flash drive for the installer in case A or B fail.  


Safe as Houses 

The smart home system is even safer and more private as it is protected by multiple layers of security, making the system a data fortress.  


  • Fast Configuration – less stages, simpler and quicker 
  • All in one – all icons and parameters can be put in one place 
  • Personalised Household Profiles – customised themes 
  • More advanced, but less complicated – easier to manage 
  • Ready to Integrate – New Quick Apps, which is a mechanism that unifies the usability of devices using a smart home system 
  • Voice assistance – Managing your system and smart phone through voice instructions and recognition 
  • Smart Car – voice controls available for in car use 


Technical Specifications 

Processor: Quad-core Arm Cortex A53 (1.2GHz) 
Operating Memory: RAM 2GB LPD DR 3 
Flash Drive: 8GB eMMC 
Power Supply:  12V DC (adapter included) 
Network Interface: 10/100 (Base-T) Ethernet via RJ45 Connector 
Operating Temperature: 0-40°C 
EU Standards Compliance: RED 2014/53/EU 

RoHS 2011/65/EU 


Radio Protocol: 868.0-868.6 MHz 
Radio Frequency: 869.7–870 0MHz 


433MHz (EU): 433.05-434.04 MHz 
868 MHz (EU): 868.0-869.65 MHz 
ZigBee: 2400.0-2483.5 MHz 
Bluetooth Low Energy: 2400.0-2483.5 MHz 
Radio Transmit Power (EU):  +14dB m  
Dimensions:  220 x 140 x 35mm  



For more information or to order a Fibaro Home Center 3 visit