Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

No2CO Logo

We have launched a Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity in memory of family member and employee, Gary Gooding called ‘No2Co’.

The aim of the charity is to increase awareness and prevent deaths from Carbon monoxide poisoning in memory of Gary Gooding who sadly passed away from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in his home last December.

No2Co will be working with the West Midlands Fire Service at Haden Cross, Halesowen and with Atlantic House Recovery Centre (ARC) who offer services to adults who use alcohol or drugs.

The fire service will be holding talks at ARC to encourage people using the Center to have a free home safety check. They will use part of Gary’s story to help make people aware of the dangers of having no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

West Midlands Fire Service offer free home safety checks to anyone living in the area who is concerned about fire safety and eager to learn how to reduce their risk. A fire officer visits homes and gives advice about important issues, including kitchen safety, smoking materials, electrical safety and escape plans and supplies free smoke alarms.

C0 detectors aren’t available FOC via the fire service currently so charity ‘No2Co’ will provide 100 x C0 detectors to the West Midlands Fire Service to hand out for free alongside the Smoke Detectors.

Tony Daniels-Gooding, Managing Director and Gary’s older brother said

‘We are hopeful that setting up the charity and supplying the Carbon Monoxide detectors alongside the smoke alarms already offered will encourage people to take up the offer of a free safety check.

‘Educating and supporting people, especially those who are vulnerable due to circumstances they can’t control is very important to us and we plan on rolling out the offer to other centres and fire stations in the future’.