It’s been a busy year at EasyGates Direct and as always one of our main focus products has been our range of ASO safety edges, safety relays and transmission systems. ASO Safety Solutions has been at the forefront of the gate, door and machinery safety industries for the past 20 plus years. The company has always shown an impressive ability to launch new profiles, adapt and improve its current products, and provide the best possible safety solutions available on the market today.

2017 has seen the launch of some innovative updates and new safety edge profiles designed specifically to suit certain door/gate applications. In the final quarter of this year we are seeing a major update to some of our most popular selling products which will bring many benefits. These updates will be introduced over the next few months, and will be staged so that customers have plenty of time to adopt the new profiles, whilst running down their existing stocks.

We have produced an ASO product update for Winter 2017 that lists all the new and updated products. Take a look here: