Nice Receivers

Nice Receivers
Radio Receivers For Nice Systems. If you do not see they one you require, please call - we still may be able to help.
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Nice FLOX2 2-Channel Universal Receiver (433.92 MHz)

Details - The FLOX2 is a Nice 2-channel universal receiver (433.92 MHz). Maintenance free and compatible with the FLO ra..

Nice FLOX2R 2-Channel Universal Receiver (433.92 MHz)

Nice FLOX2R 2-Channel Universal Receiver (433.92 MHz) with BM250 Memory  ..

Nice OX2 Standalone Radio Receiver

Nice Standalone Receiver2-Channels, without built-in transmitter  ..

Nice OX2T Radio Receiver

Nice Standalone Receiver.2-Channels, with built-in transmitter.  ..

Nice OX4T Radio Receiver

This product is a radio receiver from Nice Automation that we distribute and offer support for. It is a 4 channel receiver that can memorise..

Nice OXI Receiver

Nice OXI Receiver with connector, 433.92 MHz 4 Channels, without built-in transmitter FeaturesUp to 1024 transmitters can be..

Nice SMXI Receiver

Nice SMXI Receiver.FeaturesUniversal reciever, 2 channels with memory with 256 Flo codes Step by step timer and anti-burglary f..